About the artist

Michele Santonastaso

His paintings are appreciated and purchased all over the world. He is famous in Sorrento, as well as in Capri. Many people have been represented in his extraordinary portraits. Santonastaso considers himself a portraits and landscapes painter, because in these two art expressions he reveals his best skill.

Real photos in motion

His works seem real photos in motion, and his mastery in using and mixing colors allows him to give “Real Light” to his numerous portraits, which cross the limits of the hyper-realism.

Born in Nola, near Naples, on September 29th 1969, the artist Michele Santonastaso got a certificate at the “Filippo Palizzi School of Art”, and then he graduated at the “School of Fine Arts” in Naples.

His colors show brightness and liveliness, as well as joy of living; this reflects the artist’s personality.

Michele Santonastaso lives and works between Naples, Sorrento and Capri, depending on his art exhibition’s location.

Nowadays buying Michele Santonastaso’s works means holding an ever open window over the most beautiful places of the world, such as Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, and all the countless landscapes in Campania.

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